Selling Tips

The decision to sell your property is something to weigh very carefully indeed. Not only has it given you shelter and comfort for years, most likely, you have improved it in many ways. With time, your neighbourhood has matured, community services have widened. This progress should all be reflected in what a buyer would be prepared to pay. Bringing you, and the buyer together, and realising the full monetary worth of your property.
This calls for a an expert.

The choice of real estate offices to sell your property can be daunting and very confusing. Many agents claim to be the best office, with lots of buyers.

So what makes Kennedy Property stand out from the rest?

Peter and Lyn Kennedy and their staff are well-respected members of the community.

“We go to great lengths to ensure that our staff follow strict procedures. Our team are all caring and understanding to the needs of both the seller and buyer. This results in a contract of sale that is solid backed up with service to rave about.”


How to: Prepare your house for an open home inspection

The finishing touches for an open house inspection can make all the difference to how potential buyers view the property, so make sure you tie up all the loose ends. Think of the open house as a first date with your prospective buyer; you only get one chance to make a lasting impression.

Well presented, suggests well maintained: It’s important to remember that a well-presented home gives buyers the impression that the property is well maintained and suggests to them that the chances of encountering hidden problems post-sale are minimal. A well-presented home builds trust.

You are permanently on show: Although you won’t be letting people into your home all day, every day, there is a good chance you will have people driving by to look at the home and assessing the street appeal from the minute the property hits the market. In some cases, this is a way properties are shortlisted. If a potential home buyer likes photos of your home, they might go ahead and do some research on the street appeal and what other houses in the street are like before they attend an inspection.

Presenting from the first day listed: You always have a chance to make an impression before the buyer contacts an agent, so here are some “housekeeping habits” to get into in order to maximise your chances of drive-by buyers wanting to see more:

  1. Make sure your front gardens and lawns are well kept and maintained.
  2. Remove all junk mail and newspapers from the letterbox and yard as they arrive.
  3. Park the cars in the garage, if possible.
  4. Avoid having rubbish out for collection on the kerbside longer then necessary.
  5. Each night before sunset, turn on all outdoor lights to create ambiance.

Tips for setting a welcoming mood for your open home:

You might not know what the potential home buyer is thinking, but you can do your best by making them feel positive and by creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in your home. For instance:

Keeping it clean– Ensure that you have given the property a thorough cleaning so that it appears sparkling clean. It’s amazing the difference it makes for the buyer to see a clean property compared to a dusty, dirty one. Don’t forget small things like washing and putting away the dishes, taking out the rubbish and picking up dog poo in the garden.

De-clutter – All those trinkets, books, bits and pieces that are lying around the home, it is time to put them away. These items make the space look small and cluttered, so best to hide them away to give the impression of a larger, open space. If you have an abundance of family photos, try limiting them so the potential buyers can imagine the property as their own.

Re-arrange furniture – Trial moving or removing some of your furniture, sometimes even just moving or removing a few things around can give the room an entire new feeling.. You could even add in a mirror on the wall to make the room look bigger.

Smells – Before an open for inspection it is a good idea to open all your windows and air out the property removing lingering odors such as any mouldy or damp smells. Try plugins, candles and oils to add a subtle fragrance in your house – subtle, not overpowering.

Lights – Buyers are looking for an open, bright property because ultimately nobody wants to live in the dark. So, prior to inspection ensure all blinds and curtains are open streaming in the natural light. Turn lights on throughout the house to illuminate every room making it an inviting, homely atmosphere.

Pets – If you have pets it is in your best interests to take pets away whilst the open for inspection is on. It is a good idea to remove any hair, lingering smells or faeces, as these will be unappealing for buyers.

Climate – Remember to adjust room temperature, making sure it is comfortable for visitors walking in and out of the house.